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Our products have always used comfortable and environmentally friendly materials, such as European REACH, E1, etc., and do our best to provide users with a comfortable and safe product experience! Armchairs is a common product used in households and public reception places. When designing products, our company incorporates ergonomics into it, so that the products can provide users with a safe, comfortable, environmentally friendly and healthy experience! At the same time, in the current period of high shipping costs, the product has been designed with the ultimate utilization of the container space in mind at the beginning, saving shipping costs for our customers and improving product competitiveness! While increasing the container load, we will try our best to maintain the integrity of the product appearance and the simplicity of product installation! Our company has passed the ISO9001, 14000, SA8000 certification, and also passed the BSCI human rights factory inspection. Our company has sufficient capabilities to provide customers with OEM and ODM services! The product design department established by our company in Hangzhou has been working hard to continuously create value for customers and enhance the market competitiveness of products!

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